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Licensed Massage Therapist

Emily has been a practicing integrative body worker and Energy Alchemist for almost 15 years. At a very young age, she realized the power of  human touch, affection and the healing abilities they have on each of us. Many of us go through our lives without truly embracing what it is to surrender to self love and support. To stop for a moment and fully breathe in to and release what is no longer serving us in our bodies, minds and hearts. It is Emily’s honor and responsibility to help alleviate the weight, pain and anxiety of energy from the past, present and future.

This work is for everyone; from all walks of life, whether you know you need it or you have somehow found yourself  curious - it benefits everyone. If you feel you are ready to let go and move on with more mobility, less pain, lighter heart, a stronger center, higher connection with the world around you and dive deeper into your intuition - you have come to the right place! Emily holds space for your transition and regards herself as a facilitator and conduit of healing energy; as we ALL are, and a session will show you exactly how capable you are of this!

Emily has learned from and worked on people of all walks of life throughout the world in her travels . Facilitating healing with ancient sacred techniques while applying her own intuitive approach to each individual session. She incorporates the metaphysical esoteric work with the tangible elements of the earth and science of the body.

As a graduate from the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in 2012, the Kathmandu Center for Healing, Nepal in 2019 and many continuing education hours focused on craniosacral and somatic energy work - she is a life long student and passion abounds. Emily also receives as many sessions as she is able with teachers and comrades of these arts, whom she is ever so humble and grateful for to help her on her own journey! 

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