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Integrative Health Coaching is a client-centered relational approach that focuses on addressing your health and wellbeing.  It acknowledges the interdependent roles of spirit, body, mind, relationships, self care and innate healing capacity of each person within.  It will help empower you to make lasting health behavioral changes that support your personal goals related to your health and wellness.  Health coaching is bio-individual to help each client achieve their goals. 

Book your Health History Assessment with Taralyn to learn more about how health coaching can help you.

Consultations and sessions can be done in person and virtually.


The body has the power and capability of self-healing.  Reiki, a light-touch healing technique hailing from the Japanese energy medicine lineage, helps create space for the body to achieve a natural balance which in turn will lead to healing and relief. It can also be used for stress, sleep, relaxation, recovery, and more.


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