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Express Facial - 30 Minute $90

w/ Taralyn $100

Get results–FAST!  This quick, customizable pick-me-up facial includes a thorough Double Cleanse, Professional Enzyme Treatment, Extractions, Mask, and customized COSMEDIX Finishing products.
Maximize your time by adding on any combination of upgrades: Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent, Chemical Peel, Lightstim LED Light Therapy, Dermaplaning, Eye Treatment (additional $30-60 per add-on).

Facial Anchor

Nirvana Facial - 60 Minute  $135

w/ Taralyn $150

Achieve your personal best skin in an hour!  This facial is fully customized to your skin’s own unique needs. 
A thorough Double Cleanse, Professional Exfoliation, Extractions (optional), Manual Lifting Massage, Customized Mask, and COSMEDIX Finishing Products to leave your skin absolutely radiant.

Radiance Facial - 60 Minute  $180

w/ Taralyn $200

Nirvana–radiance inside and out! For skin that glows from within. Your skin will be left refreshed, lifted, and dewy. 

  • A thorough Double Cleanse, Professional Exfoliation, Extractions (optional), Manual Lifting Massage, Customized Mask OR Lightstim LED Light Therapy, And COSMEDIX Finishing Products

+ Plus Your Choice Of One Of The Below:

  • Chemical Peel

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Microcurrent

  • Dermaplaning

Facial Add ons

Collagen Eye Mask  $15

Collagen Face Mask  $35

Chemical Peel  $45-50

Microdermabrasion/Microcurrent $45

Microdermabrasion Decollete $50

Dermaplaning $50

Oil Dermaplaning $60

Vitamin C Peel $40

LED Light $30

Amethyst Eye Treatment $40

Hydro Jelly Mask $10

Skinvestment Facial - 90 Minute  $235

Full rejuvenation–like a vacation for your skin! You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and glowing.
An extended version of our 60-minute RADIANCE Facial this treatment is completely customized to address your skin's specific needs. Multiple modalities to Lift, Tighten, Exfoliate, Smooth Fine Lines, And Boost Collagen Production.  

VIP FACIAL with Taralyn - 90 Minute $275
Experience a 90 Minute hyper-customized treatment with award-winning Esthetician, Taralyn Freda. The licensed esthetician (Best of Philly Style 2022), integrative health coach, and Owner of Nirvana Wellness Med Spa (Best of Philly MedSpa 2022) have been making clients look and feel their best for over 20 years. Taralyn addresses a myriad of skin concerns with professionalism, confidence, and ease.

Bonus: she will surely utilize her signature techniques and bust out the “big guns” from her esti toolbox for real R-E-S-U-L-T-S!

ONCOLOGY FACIAL with Taralyn $175
This facial is thoughtfully designed for cancer patients and survivors. A wonderful gift for oneself or a loved one who needs a little extra TLC. Performed by Taralyn, a Certified Oncology Skin Specialist & Level 2 Reiki Healer with an intuitive touch, she incorporates Facial Cupping, Gua Sha, Lymphatic Drainage, and Immunocologie’s cellular science non-toxic skincare. This one-of-a-kind facial brings hydration, brightness and health back to the skin while helping to support the skin’s immune integrity, vitality and microbiome for a renewed and lasting balance and glow.
*Ear Seed Add-On Available ($25)


Back Facial  $90

w/Taralyn $100

Highly recommended for anyone who experiences back acne, to rid dead skin and impurities!  Also a popular choice for brides wanting to look picture perfect in their backless gowns.  

Professional Deep Cleanse, Double Exfoliation, Extractions, & Detoxifying Mask

Oxygen RX  $150

Like a breath of fresh air–for your skin! This treatment is extremely nourishing, improves circulation, and oxygenates skin cells for healthy, bright, hydrated, and glowing skin.
A controlled amount of pure oxygen is sent deep into pores to suffocate acne and bacteria.  Improves texture, decongests the skin, reduces inflammation, smooths skin, and enhances clarity and tone. Beneficial to those who are highly reactive and/or with rosacea, inflammation, and acne.
*No extractions.

OxyGENEO Treatment  Smoothes and refines skin texture to deliver an overall brighter tone, increases blood circulation, and brings an elevated level of skin metabolism. 
Geneo combines skincare technology with highly-effective skincare ingredients to help you achieve your skin goals.
The premier non-invasive facial, designed for all ages and all skin types!

OxyGENEO Treatment With LED Therapy  $230
OxyGENEO Treatment With Dermaplaning  $250
OxyGENEO Back Treatment $250
OxyGENEO Red Carpet Treatment  $250
face neck decollete

Clinical Skin Treatments

Pigmentation Peel  $125

This clinical-grade treatment is specifically developed for treating pigmentation concerns and is a great option for skin of all colors.
Our licensed estheticians use a unique acid complex to effectively lighten pigmentation caused by acne, melasma, and/or photo-damaged skin.
The MandeliClear acid complex combined with the Vitamin A Accelerator was designed to accelerate physical peeling without excessive damage to the skin, resulting in a flawless complexion.

*Expect to peel for up to 10 days post-treatment.
*It is advised not to cleanse the skin for 12 hours post-treatment.
*Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women

Let one of our Estheticians guide you towards radiant skin with one of our customized COSMEDIX or NEOVA peels, perfectly designed to work for your unique skin type.


Red Carpet Peel $150
Instantly brighten and smooth your complexion with this exfoliating peel.  Can be done 24 hours prior to a big event when you want to look your best. 


A quick pick-me-up that will leave your skin absolutely smooth, dewy, glowing, and hydrated.  
Allow our licensed esthetician to choose a professional Esthemax jelly mask for your skin's specific needs to give you optimal results. 

THE GLOW UP   $175
The name says it ALL. This treatment leaves your skin looking absolutely radiant and better than ever! Dermaplaning removes dead skin cells and hair from the face, while a lactic peel helps to brighten skin and fade hyperpigmentation to even out your skin tone.
A thorough Double Cleanse, Dermaplaning, Lactic Peel, and a Hydrating Mask.  
*Please note: this treatment cannot be performed on active acne.


Nourished, hydrated and glowing skin. An excellent choice for Dry and/or Sensitive skin types and those prone to Rosacea. Oil dermaplaning helps remove dead skin cells and hair from the face without irritation—all while delivering the added benefits of antioxidants and hydration. In addition to this, a fruit-based enzyme further dissolves dead skin to leave the skin super smooth.  

A thorough Double Cleanse, Oil Dermaplaning, Professional Enzyme Treatment, and COSMEDIX Finishing Products.  

*Please note this treatment cannot be performed on active acne.

Rejuvenate the eye area to reduce signs of fatigue, damage, and stress.
The winning combination of Circcell Collagen patches with an Amethyst eye mask will leave you looking refreshed and well-rested.

  • Amethyst Mask: Infrared, Oxygenating, Detoxifying, Aids In Circulation

  • Collagen Eye Patches: Restores The Eye Area Using Live Freeze-dried Collagen -the Highest Concentration of Stable Collagen, Fibers, And Peptides

LightStim LED TREATMENT Add On  $30

This 1,400 high-output LED combination treatment offers full coverage for your face, neck, and décolleté. Safe for all skin types, painless, and it requires zero downtime!  The same LED lights used by NASA offer powerful anti-aging benefits to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, calm, soothe and restore skin's natural balance, and increase local blood circulation & oxygenation.  Acne lights calm existing breakouts and destroy acne-causing bacteria.​

*prices may vary per provider

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