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At Nirvana Beauty Style Studio, we offer a wide range of nail services. We use high-quality products that are safer and gentler, to keep your nails healthy and happy.

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Nail Services

        Nirvana Manicure 


regular manicure. includes file, shape, cuticles,

polish, and massage

Gel Manicure 

Men's Manicure



Rubber Base w/ Gel Manicure


Gel X xshort/short


Gel X medium length


Gel X long length


Gel X refill

Hard Gel Overlay

*Refill $30

Gel Polish Change

Polish Change





Nail Builder Add on

Nail Art Add On

*2 nails or french 

Deluxe Nail Art

*5-10 nails full design

Gel Dry Pedicure

Dry Pedicure








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