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Aesthetic Nurse, BSN, RN

​Sophia graduated Cum Laude from Drexel University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and began her career in the Cardiac Care Unit at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. After struggling for years with acne and self-confidence, she began her own health and wellness journey and shortly fell in love with Aesthetic Nursing. 

Sophia continuously strives to help others and when she realized she could use her nursing skills and her relentless eye for detail to help others feel confident in their own skin, she knew expanding her career at Nirvana Wellness Med Spa is where she was meant to be. Sophia hopes to bring her scientific knowledge in nursing and passion for health and beauty into the ever-changing world of aesthetic medicine. Sophia is dedicated to continuing her education and keeping up with the evolving medical technology and techniques to bring to the treatment room. From providing the human body with essential vitamins and minerals to empowering individuals to re-discover their self-confidence, Sophia will always give you her full attention while sitting in her chair. 

Aside from Aesthetic Nursing, you can find Sophia using her detail-oriented and outgoing personality in the world of social media and interior/graphic design. She also enjoys spending her free time in the gym and with family and friends.

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