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In a world of Instagram filters and bad advice, Taralyn is a refreshing change of pace and the absolute best. I'm so grateful I met her and so is my skin. Her experience and attention to detail mean that every facial I've ever had with her is tailored to my skin's needs. She knows where my skin started and where it is now, which means for the first time in my life I've been consistently confident in my skin. I've never had Taralyn "upsell" a product to me and everything I've used at her recommendation is now a staple that continues to make a major difference. I had to move away from Philadelphia for work, but continue to make seeing her a regular part of my visit to home because nobody in DC can compare :). 

-Rachel S.

​I met Taralyn over 4 years ago when my previous esthetician changed careers. I have always been very selective when it comes to my esthetician because it deals with my body. Taralyn made me feel very comfortable from day one. She was very caring and professional. Taralyn was very concerned about my wants and needs in order for me to have the best experience possible. My relationship with Taralyn has grown into a friendship. Taralyn has remained the same from the first day that I met her. I recommend that you try Taralyn for yourself because you will not be disappointed!

-Desiree M.

I have struggled with facial skin issues since puberty, and the impact on my life became a daily struggle. That unrelenting self-consciousness was eventually met with frustration as I tried one thing after the next but could not seem to make any progress. I followed the suggestions of friends, read everything I could find, spent who knows how much on products, saw highly recommended dermatologists, and went to various spas desperate for an answer and willing to undergo expensive and at times painful treatments - literally, I would have done just about anything, and yet nothing seemed to work. I felt defeated and desperate, increasingly skeptical that I would ever feel comfortable in my own skin, until I found Taralyn. She talked me off the ledge, and immediately started me on a comprehensive facial care strategy that actually works. What she offers that I’ve never gotten before is the combination of access to her carefully vetted treatments, her immense knowledge on the subject, and her passion for helping me. All of the fancy tools in the world can’t match her experience and understanding and devotion. She went through every single ingredient in my skin care regimen, and found things that were actually potential contributors to my issues. These weren’t cheap products from the neighborhood pharmacy, some of them were pricey and came highly recommended! Not that I wouldn’t give a fortune to feel better, and sure, beauty isn’t cheap, but she has actually steered me away from more expensive treatments at times and has worked with me to make sure that I can afford to keep up with our plan. The best endorsement I can give is that now I trust Taralyn with all of my skin care needs, and even though I have to move to another city for work, I’m still coming back to Philly for her. She’s absolutely the best, and if you’re like I was - exhausted and ready to give up - or just wanting to make your skin the best it can be, give her a call!

-Jordan D.

Taralyn is a very talented esthetician and is also a wonderful person. I used to visit her every 6 weeks for a little over a year. She gives wonderful treatments, has great product recommendations, and truly cares about her clients. She has gone above and beyond to help me resolve my skin issues - by offering advice outside normal work hours, and even delivering products directly to my home. Her customer service is wonderful, comes naturally, and is simply the best.

She was especially helpful weeks prior to my wedding when I was breaking out a little bit more often than usual. She knew exactly which products to use and how to change up my facial routine to keep me looking my best. I truly appreciate Taralyn’s advice and her treatments really are soo nice!  I look forward to seeing her after this quarantine is all over - wherever she may be. I am not one for change and have been going to the same spa for a long time now... but I would try a new place if Taralyn were there!

-Jen H.

As a guy, I was very nervous to get my first facial.  Taralyn was referred to me by another client of hers.  I felt very comfortable immediately and received an amazing facial.  She's very knowledgeable about skin care, and didn't try to upsell me any items or services either.  The products and her touch felt very soothing, and my skin has never felt better.  This experience has led me to require facials as part of my updated skin regime, which was almost nonexistent prior.   I can't wait to see her again!

-Gino C

I have been a client of Taralyn‘s for a little over a year now.  She is an amazing person and aesthetician. She goes above and beyond In every step of the service.  After a facial I leave absolutely glowing. My skin has never been better in my whole life; and people notice!

Taralyn is so welcoming, knowledgeable, and passionate about her work; She creates a warm and safe atmosphere; providing a plethora of wisdom and is always ready to answer any questions that I have about my skin. I have pretty bad TMJ that causes pain in the jaw and surrounding muscles.  The facial massage gives me long lasting relief from this pain that no doctor has ever been able to give me. 

I look forward to my appointments with Taralyn and I cannot recommend her services enough. She is a true gem. 

-Celeste W

Nirvana is the CUTEST lil space for all your self care needs! Experienced my first ever facial with Tara, she explained everything and is super passionate about what she does! The atmosphere is so Zen & it’s in a perfect/convenient location! Can’t wait to spend my next self love day here ✨!

-Chynna R.

Awesome experience here at Nirvana! My massage was out of this world. Great local family owned business, very clean and excellent location! Do yourself a favor and take the time to de-stress, you deserve it.

-Alex R.

I had a facial today with Taralyn, and it was literally the best facial in my life. I can’t wait to go back for my next facial, that I’ve already rebooked. 10/10, definitely check this place out.

-Kim T.

Northern Liberties desperately needed an upscale spa, and it finally got one! The space is beautiful, quaint, and extremely clean. I had a 60-min customized facial and Taralyn made sure to combine a few different treatments to meet my skin’s needs. The products she used are top notch and if you have super sensitive skin like mine, you’re safe here! Overall a great experience. The fact that it’s a family-owned small business just adds one more reason to keep me coming back ;-)

-Sara C.

I want this space for my home! High ceilings, exposed brick, wooden floors, pop of turquoise here and there. I’m a fan of simple and elegant décor, but when it comes to massage, please by all mean necessary mix it up and restore my body back to sanity! The massage therapists here are the real deal. Meredith customized my massage with sports massage techniques, cupping and reiki- she intuitively knew where I was blocked & restricted. As a massage therapist I am overly critical of massages, so when I am left speechless - that’s telling you everything you need to hear! 

-Rachel R.

I have been seeing Taralyn for facials for about 2 or 3 years now and I can’t recommend her enough. The space she has created at Nirvana is beautiful, clean, and so relaxing. Every time I get a facial from her my skin is left look rejuvenated and has greatly improved over the past couple of years. She has also recommended amazing products that have greatly improved the overall appearance of my skin, combined with her professional advice and facials I now finally feel comfortable with the appearance of my skin without make up. I can’t wait to go back!

-Gia C.

Amazing! This was a great experience and the best facial I’ve ever gotten from start to finish. I got the 90 minute customized facial from Taralyn. My skin is glowing and feels gorgeous. The facial massage was everything as well. The entire experience was incredibly relaxing and restorative. The precautions taken for sanitation and cleanliness made me feel very safe and cared for. This spot is truly a gem. Already booked my next appointment.

-Celestina Q

Such a beautiful space! So relaxing, warm, and comfortable! The staff is so sweet and welcoming. I got a facial for the first time ever! Needless to say I’ll be coming back every 4-6weeks to continue these services!! Even after 1 60minute facial I see a huge difference in my skin!! Taralyn is absolutely amazing! She’s super educated and knows what she’s talking about and even gave samples so I see what works best for my skin! I highly suggest everyone booking an appointment ASAP!

-Kat B.

Taralyn is a true professional and has surrounded herself with a staff of extremely knowledgeable and skilled practitioners. The Nirvana space is soothing, aesthetically pleasing, AND meticulously clean. It’s clear that not only are they operating the spa to the highest standards from a spa perspective, but also that hiring a Medical Director has given them a true advantage is keeping clients and staff safe and virus-free. Taralyn is passionate about skincare (and wellness in general) and is always clear and factual about what products and methods she’s using during your facial so that you can make informed decisions. She recommends products that she thinks you and your skin could benefit from, but never pressures you to purchase anything. I highly recommend Nirvana.

-Katherine G.

We all know that getting a massage is relaxing. But getting a massage with Colleen combines the benefits of relaxation with her added knowledge of the neuromuscular system. Colleen is well versed in the medical reasons behind the tight muscles. She can both assess and address your bodily concerns holistically. Whether you get a Swedish massage or a therapeutic sports massage, you are sure to leave her room feeling like you have just had the most needed medicinal tonic. You are relaxed in body, mind, and spirit.

– Beth K.

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