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Aesthetic Nurse, BSN, RN

I graduated with my BSN from Holy Family University in 2007, and from there continued to work in the same hospital that i was already a nurse-extern at for 2 years prior to graduating. My goal always has been the aesthetic field but I felt it was important to obtain as much medical and scientific knowledge as I could before beginning my training in aesthetics. I began my career in Oncology and throughout my 14years working in the hospital, I worked in just about every unit. I worked on the surgical unit for a great number of years which I believe has been one of the most helpful during my journey with aesthetics.  

I began to train under a board certified Maxo-facial plastic surgeon in Philadelphia in 2019.  I was fortunate to continue to learn, train, and perform procedures under his guidance for almost 4 years.  I became a certified nurse injector and received Certifications for all of my trainings. I continue to study everyday and train as much as I can. I also have advanced certifications from the AAFE for lip and cheek injections.  I believe my love for fine arts and science have blended together into a passion for aesthetic medicine. 

14 years working in the hospital setting and almost 5 years as an aesthetic injector, I am able to perform procedures safely, taking into consideration a patient's medical history, medications, and other important information. The many years working in the hospital setting, and training cultivated my career in aesthetics.  I continue to take any training available and credit my years of continuing education and injecting for providing me with an intimate knowledge of facial anatomy, keen assessment skills, and delicate hands. 

When I am not working, if I am not out on an adventure with my son and family, you can always find me at the gym.  I love to travel and experience as much as I can in this world. I believe in the most natural and beneficial approach for any procedures. I truly love working with people and making them feel the best version of themselves. It's important to me to build trust for a long-lasting relationship with each patient because everyone of you mean so much to me. I treat every patient as if they were my family. Teamwork is how we'll  get you the best results. 



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