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Licensed Esthetician

Liz is a Philadelphia native who received her license in esthetics in 2015 from PCI Academy in Ames, IA. She got into esthetics because she was struggling with her own acne management and wanted to learn how to better treat her skin conditions. While in school, Liz grew to love helping others accomplish their skin goals and be a part of their journey toward falling back in love with themselves. 

Liz is a recent graduate of Montgomery County Community College, where she received her AS in Public Health. She is continuing her studies at West Chester University to obtain a BS in Public Health with the goal of ultimately obtaining an MS in Public Health from their accelerated program. Liz believes that all areas of wellness are connected, which drives her passion for this work. She hopes to be able to coach her clients and eventually organizations through making these links, and ultimately making better choices from a holistic standpoint with a new perspective. 

As far as service styles are concerned, Liz’s approach is to listen first to the concerns of her clients. She then uses her knowledge and years of experience while working collaboratively with the client to figure out a plan of approach for their concerns. And most importantly, to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility where they can relax and trust that they are in good hands throughout the process. Anyone who has ever been serviced by Liz makes sure to request to see her again when they return, which they always do.

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