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Hair Stylist - Bridal Manager

With over two decades of mastery in the art of hairstyling, Jessie stands as a beacon of excellence, coming from Boston's vibrant beauty scene in the Financial District. Jessie has sculpted a distinguished career, catering to a discerning clientele that includes luminaries and celebrities alike. Specializing in the delicate craft of styling and crafting custom haircuts, Jessie possesses unparalleled expertise that transforms locks into statements of individuality and elegance. Jessie places a profound emphasis on scalp and hair health, recognizing that true beauty emanates from within. Being a CODA and fluent in the language of American Sign Language (ASL), Jessie ensures seamless communication and inclusivity, welcoming every client into a world where their vision is understood and realized. Personable and attentive to detail, Jessie creates not just hairstyles, but experiences imbued with care, authenticity, and joy.

Experience the artistry of a hairstylist who doesn't just create hairstyles but crafts moments of beauty that resonate long after the salon chair is vacated

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