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Dr. Brian Weiss



My name is Brian Weiss, and I wanted to introduce myself as the medical director at Nirvana Health & Beauty. First, a little bit of background: I am a physician with nearly a decade of experience working in Philadelphia at an academic medical center, and recently I have been working in several capacities on the front lines during the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am distinctly aware of the many concerns that have been raised as we try to find the right balance between protecting ourselves and others from the novel coronavirus while also making investments in our overall health and wellbeing. In order to ensure that our clients receive the best and the safest care, and to keep our providers and their families protected, we have made several preemptive protocols for minimizing the spread of infectious diseases. This includes employee and clientele temperature checks, a stay at home if you are unwell policy for employees and clientele, EPA approved disinfectants, daily UVC fogging of surfaces and air, UVC air purification, UVC sterilization for all implements, social distancing and wearing mask and face shields and extra time in between clients to properly disinfect in between clients, along other protective measures.  We also intend to comply with all local and federal regulations as well as all relevant CDC guidelines so that you can trust we are basing our standards on the most up to date and informed recommendations. Our community is the source of our passion, and so consistently maintaining a safe environment is and always will be paramount. If you have any questions or concerns about how we are striving to prioritize your safety at Nirvana Health & Beauty, please don’t hesitate to contact us.




Brian Weiss MD

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